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This is the tumblr blog of Sean Rooney.
Things I like (or think for a moment that I might like) or really don't like. And such.

Amazing Infographic Font

FF Chartwell

2 years ago

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Every Trip to the Moon, Ever

2 years ago

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Reid Miles, Blue Note cover art designer

2 years ago

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The Audio Jar | Sarah Pease


Furniture Designer Sarah Pease has designed an impressive set of speakers - the Audio Jar.  The design is inspired by the impressive open-source Fab Speakers by David Mellis.  These retro looking speakers are made using readily available household items that were put together using a simple customization.  Mix it up with recycled jar shapes and sizes to create an array of combinations.

source:  Sarah Pease

(Source: trendcrib)

2 years ago 101 notes

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SUBMISSION: Jeremy Blakeslee


SUBMISSION: Jeremy Blakeslee

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BMD Design : Graphiste Bordeaux @bmddesign.fr


BMD Design : Graphiste Bordeaux @bmddesign.fr

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Not only does The Kraken Rum have one incredibly badass name, it also has some pretty impressive packaging.

Designed by Stranger and Stranger, this has got to be one of the more impressive displays of packaging I’ve seen for a while. From the bottle to the illustrations on the box, S&S did a fantastic job at encapsulating all things awesome into this product.

And for a little extra treat, check out the website for The Kraken Rum (link above.) Pretty impressive if I do say so myself.

aiaiai headphones

2 years ago

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